Next-gen Audi RS4 and RS5 expected to keep V8 engines

Audi RS5

A recent report published on the independent Audi website Fourtitude claims the next model RS4 and RS5 (B8-based) will use V8 engines. There has been a lot of speculation about the powerplants for the upcoming über-Audis, with some suggestion of a turbocharged 3.0 V6 being used. However, after speaking with an Audi executive the Fourtitude lads wrote “The RS4 and RS5 will get a high-revving engine like the outgoing RS4. The high-rev applications in the R8 and B7-generation RS4 have impressed Audi’s engine development teams and they wish to continue in that direction with the next-gen of Audi’s hottest models.”

Audi is expected to stick with 4.2 litre displacement used in the previous RS4 and power could be up by as much as 50hp on the 420hp available in the old model. Power will be put to ground through an optional 7-speed S tronic transmission and a revised quattro system. Follow the links below for more detail.

Source: Fourtitude, via autoblog

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[…] As expected, the RS5 will be powered by a normally aspirated V8. It is understood the power output from the 4163cc engine will be around 330kW (450PS) and it is likely to be labelled a 4.2 FSI HDZ. The HDZ badging loosley translates as “high rev concept” and like the RS4 before it the new RS5’s powerplant will be a free flowing high revving affair with high torque levels available from 2500rpm. […]

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