Fifth Gear – Series 14, Episode 4

Apologies for the late update to this week’s show. Jason Plato—AUSmotive’s preferred Fifth Gear presenter—started the show comparing the JDM Honda Civic Mugen RR v the UK spec 2000 GT. The Japanese Civic was the quickest around their test track, and by some margin, plus it sounds bloody good, too.

I didn’t want to mention Tim Shaw this week, but given he covered the revised CO2 taxes UK residents will be paying shortly, I thought it would be worth raising, given our federal government’s recent issues with its proposed Luxury Car Tax increases. I’m guessing it won’t be long until we’re paying taxes based on emissions here in Australia too. They highlighted a Volkswagen Golf 1.6 and a Citroen C4 XS, the French car expels 13 grams less in CO2 emissions, but when the new tax laws are introduced, the Citroen will cost almost AU$200 less to register. I daren’t mention the funky and frugal MINI John Cooper Works again (6.9l/100km, 165 g/km), but, well I just did.

Jonny put up Volkswagen’s new Passat CC against a Benz CLS. He quite liked the VW, and that it is £20K less than the CLS. Tom tested the world’s current worst motoring travesty—the BMW X6. WTF!  AUSmotive are big fans of BMW and the way they go about things, but what in God’s name possessed them to make this thing?! Tom reckons it drives damn well and described it as “bonkers”, but I’m still not convinced. Get rid of it! Jonny returned to test the practical, but not so pretty Citroen Berlingo Multipsace.

Vicki Butler-Henderson filed a report from the Goodwood Festival of Speed. She had a go in the electric powered Telsa Roadster. If this car is the future, well, motoring in the 22nd century may not be so bad after all. VBH then had a crack in the Breckland Beira, a new British TVR-like wannabe. It looks and sounds brilliant I have to say. Tiff ended the show behind the wheel of the extreme Audi powered KTM X-Bow (see clip above). He liked its handling, balance and surefootedness, but didn’t like the quiet engine. That’s it until next week.