Want a 340bhp hot hatch? It’s as easy as RS3!

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Audi RS3 rendering

Ever since the official details of the Audi TT RS were revealed many have been wondering and hoping the 340bhp 2.5 litre 5 cylinder turbo might find it’s way into Audi’s S3 and morph into an RS3 hatch. That hope has been given a tasty turbocharged boost with reports claiming the RS3 is under consideration at Ingolstadt. The suggestion has been attributed to Michael Dick, Audi board of management for technical development.

The rendering above, which first surfaced on CarSpyShots last year, hints at expected RS styling cues with a deeper, more aggressive, front end capturing more air to feed the hungry turbo. While Audi RS cars are known for their flared guards, the ones above do seem a bit too overt compared to previous examples.

With the TT RS donating its 250kW/450Nm engine we can expect similar levels of performance, suggesting 0-100 times in the mid 4 second range with a possible top speed of 280km/h, if the usual 250km/h limiter is removed.

If the RS3 does go into production, it’s a safe bet to assume it will be a few years away yet. A new A3 is due in 2011 and it could be another two years after that before an RS3 would hit the streets. Until then we’ll just have to make do with hoping that Audi approves such a project.

Source: 4wheelsnews via WorldCarFans