Audi continues the RS3 tease

Audi RS3 prototype

Is this another RS3 prototype that has been spotted on roads near the Nürburgring? First we need to establish if Audi actually have plans to release an RS3 model at all. We’ve been teased enough, for long enough to suggest it could happen. The first rumour I heard from a credible source of a possible RS3 release was around five years ago. Last year it was reported that Michael Dick, Audi technical development boss, had said the idea was under consideration. So will the RS3 happen?

We saw the supposed leaked confirmation on Twitter last year suggesting the RS3 would be revealed at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. As we know that turned out to be false. Was it a total hoax, or just mis-timed? Given the other information floating around, I would tend to think the latter.

Back to these latest spy shots (follow link to WCF below for more). You can see there are larger front air intakes, indicating the car could be fitted with the 250kW 2.5 litre five cylinder from the TT RS. It also appears that there could be slotted rotors up front. While the inset pic above is not conclusive, it would explain why the test mule has different wheels at the front and back. Brake clearance the likely explanation.

Whatever the real truth is, just stand up with me and demand Audi makes an RS3. And that they do use the snarling five pot from the TT RS.

One last question, if the RS3 is made, will it be the last hurrah for the 8P platform, or a stunning way to launch the next-generation? Going on previous RS model releases you would expect Audi to use the RS3 as a last hurrah on the current gen chassis. If that’s the case, then we should have an answer to all this speculation sooner rather than later. I would expect a new A3 to be in showrooms by 2012. So, then, get ready for some wild RS3 speculation in the run in to October’s Paris Motor Show.

[Source: World Car Fans | Pics: SB-Medien]

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It’s a shame they save the best models until last, rather than an all out assault for the new model. Is it a cynical accounting exercise, or a genuine attempt to get the most out of the platform?

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