VBH drives Volkswagen’s Concept BlueSport roadster

Vicki Butler-Henderson drives Volkswagen's Concept Bluesport roadster

If you’re not a Fifth Gear fan you’ll have missed the news that they have revamped their website to now include a fortnightly TV Web Edition. Kind of like the TV show, but without that fool Tim Shaw. It’s better already!

In Episode 5, the most recent installment, Vicki Butler-Henderson is given a drive of the stunning Volkswagen Concept BlueSport (click link for more). There’s only one of these in existence so far, so it’s a rare privilege indeed.

Despite earlier news that the BlueSport would not be built, hope remains that Volkswagen can find another suitor within its vast array of marques and give new life to the concept.

So, click on the image above to see what Vicki has to say about the closest thing to an affordable German MX-5 competitor we’re likely to see (the footage starts about 5 minutes into the episode).