Volkswagen Golf R details emerge – 195kW, 4motion

Volkswagen Golf R

The highly anticipated Golf R32 replacement is almost here, as these leaked images show. The old 3.2 V6 engine has made way for a turbocharged  four cylinder unit, which is essentially the Audi S3 engine. Perhaps the best news is that it appears, unlike the Scirocco R, the Golf R—as it will be named—will have a Haldex all wheel drive system.

Power is rated at 195kW (261bhp) with 350Nm of torque. The 0-100 time is rumoured to be around 6.5 seconds for the six speed manual, and 0.1 second less for DSG equipped models. These figures seem a bit low compared to Audi’s official claims for the S3, which are below 6 seconds for the 0-100 dash. Is the Golf R fitted with a marketing speed-limiter by Volkswagen perhaps? That is, the car may be just as quick as the Audi, but we have to pretend its not.

Other styling details in terms of LED lighting and body kit seem to follow the path set by the Scirocco R. More details and pics as they come to hand.

[Source: Autocar]

UPDATE: Official details and images now available HERE.

Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen Golf R

22 replies on “Volkswagen Golf R details emerge – 195kW, 4motion”

LMR: “This is expected to make for a 0-100km/h sprint time of around 6.0 seconds.”

Looks like the official figures haven’t come out yet and everyone is guessing.

So what happens after some tuning houses get hold of them?

Here is hoping that it still has an ‘R’ factor exhaust note.

@Sledz, I reckon the mid 6s manufacturers claim for 0-100 will be on the money. That’s similar to the claims for the Scirocco R (albeit in FWD). It seems as though Volkswagen tends to underquote their numbers.

But, yes, it should (and probably will be) quicker than that.

@Liam, seems some websites/blogs are claiming 5.7 sec for manual and 5.5 sec for DSG as well. Will have to see what the official press release is today. Exciting stuff. Looks like an awesome car.

Yeah, that’s more in line with the S3. Still not convinced that VW will actually make that claim, but I expect that’s about how quick it will be.

Only one problem with the Golf R-it’s UK price is 28000 Pounds-that’s 500 Pounds DEARER than an Audi S3….

i was hoping that VW would deliver on the successor to the R32, and now that they have… do want!11!!1

Liam, is there any one at VW Australia that you can shake down for details RE pricing and availability?

Hey mate there’s a post on the VWWatercooled forum that shows pricing. List price seems to be $39K plus GST.

hi Aaron, thanks for that but i think you may be looking at GTI pricing and not R pricing… unless, of course, VWA are going to do us all a f. huge favour and subsidise the cars to the tune of about $16k 😀

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