200kW Golf R20 4motion one step closer to reality

Volkswagen Golf VI R20 spy shots

News of the demise of the V6 powered Golf R32 has been around for some time now. So too, then, has speculation over what Volkswagen would produce to replace the gap left in its R model range. Consensus seems to indicate the gap will be filled rather nicely by a 200kW Audi S3 inspired Mk6 Golf R20.

Back in March rumours were suggesting the R20 riddle would be solved in September with a full reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, only a few weeks away from the Frankfurt show, Autocar has published spy shots that start to give some real weight to the R20 rumours.

You can see from the front grille that there is likely to be massive air intakes similar to the Scirocco R. For the first time, we can also see that Volkswagen may continue with R32-like centre mount twin exhausts.

Along with the usual suspension and chassis tweaks one would expect with a model such as the R20, it is now beginning to appear that Volkswagen’s 4motion all-wheel drive system will be fitted to the R20. That the 195kW Scirocco R is lacking the Haldex AWD system is perhaps its biggest disappointment. Of course, giving the R20 an AWD system does help to set it apart from its coupé cousin.

Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for official confirmation of the R20 at Frankfurt. If all goes to plan you can probably expect Volkswagen to release details a few days before the Frankfurt show begins. So, lets take a stab at Tuesday 15 September (Australian time).

[Source: Autocar]

UPDATE 15 September: The above speculation for release information was bang on the money—CLICK HERE!