GTI Advanced Driving Academy comes to Australia

Volkswagen GTI Advanced Driving Academy

The Australian launch of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI is just around the corner. When exactly, I still can’t say (other than a tip passed on to me for 26 October). What can be said with certainty is that you, yes you, could have the chance of fanging around a racetrack in the new GTI very, very soon!

Volkswagen Australia will be conducting a series of drive days to showcase its new GTI to the public in early and mid November. Sydney’s Eastern Creek will be the venue for the first two days (2-3 November), while Melbourne’s Calder Park Raceway will be the venue for the second, and final, two days (17-18 November).

That’s right, no joy for Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra or Perth customers. Not to mention Hobart, Darwin or any rural areas. That said, this appears to be a very cool initiative from Volkswagen, so full marks to them for that.

For more details, why don’t you take a peek at the GTI Advanced Driving Academy website.

[Thanks to Simon for the tip]