New Golf R to cost less than old R32

Volkswagen Golf R

We know the Golf R is coming to Australia, and we know it should be hear by the middle of 2010. What we don’t know is how much customers should expect to pay for what is essentially an Audi S3 in Volkswagen clothing. Signs from the UK are not good, with the Golf R costing around £2000 more than the S3.

However, it would appear that will not be the case in Australia with the Golf R looking like it will enter the local market quite a few thousand dollars cheaper than the S3. Speaking about the new Golf R to, Karl Gehling, General Manager Press and PR for Volkswagen Australia, said, “It’s going to be priced between the current R32 and the GTI.”

So we can expect some very sharp pricing for the Golf R, then. Happy days. The outgoing R32 had a starting list price of $57,990. Entry level pricing (including GST and LCT) for the Audi S3 is $66,500. While Gehling states the Golf R will hit the market priced between the old R32 and the current GTI (around $40K, depending on configuration) one would assume the final price will be much closer to the R32 than the GTI. Still, even at a starting price of $57,990 the Golf R represents cracking value.

Also revealed by Gehling was a sneak preview of the Golf R’s local specification. In order to keep Golf R pricing so sharp items such as leather sports seats, Adaptive Chassis Control, 19” alloys (shown in the image above) and more will remain on the options list.

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