Tanner Foust – Street Drift: Mulholland

Tanner Foust - Street Drift: Mulholland

If you know a little bit about the competitive drifting scene then you’ll know the name Tanner Foust. If you’ve never heard of him, watch and learn as he drifts his 600hp V8 powered Scion tC around a two-mile closed section of LA’s renowned Mulholland Drive.

If you didn’t know, the Scion tC is actually a Toyota, would you believe. Why don’t we get these in Australia?

Anyway, you might remember Jay Leno included Mulholland Drive in his home-grown Nürburgring clip. It’s a great looking piece of road, as the aerial shots from the Tanner Foust video show.

Tanner’s video is burning up after the jump. Just remember kids, this film was completed on a closed road with Police supervision, so don’t go trying this at home, okay.

Press Release

Tanner Foust drifts his Rockstar Energy Drink Scion TC Drift Car on a legendary stretch of Mulholland Highway. Known as “The Snake”, this stretch of Mulholland in Malibu just east of Kanan Road is a famous hangout for SoCal motorcyclists and car enthusiasts. The two mile ribbon of road winds uphill through the Malibu mountains between the Rockstore Café where thousands of bikers convene every Sunday and “The Gallery”—a viewpoint where much of the road below can be viewed. Watch as Tanner Foust unleashes his 600hp NASCAR V8 powered Scion drift car on this famed road. There were no rehearsals. Notice how he paints a line of black rubber on the virgin tarmac, running inches from the guard rails and rock walls of the canyon. The howl of the motor, screeching tires and billowing smoke contrast with Foust’s almost zen like motions in-car. The road was closed and Tanner is a trained professional so please don’t try and re-create.