Autocar drive the new Polo GTI

Volkswagen Polo GTI

UK mag Autocar are one of the first folks to get their hands on the new Polo GTI. With 132kW, a super-quick 7-speed DSG and a sub 1200kg kerb weight the baby GTI has the specs to provide one hell of a ride. But does it?

This paragraph from the Autocar review sums up their thoughts:

“The Polo will only ever partly allow disengagement of its stability control and even on the road it’s easy to trouble it. The GTI rolls a bit, grips, reaches its limit, the tyres squeal so you know about it, the body is a bit unsettled, an ESP light flashes, then you just sit it out until the corner ends and you head off again. Competent, but very sterile.”

Hmm, that’s not what we want to hear. AUSmotive will reserve judgement until it drives the Polo GTI, but the level of anticipation has been dulled a little.

You can check out the video review after the jump, or read the text version by following the link below.

[Source: Autocar]

UPDATE 26 May: A new report has been filed by Evo magazine. It’s a bit more promising, too, especially the closing line about a manual transmission. Although it is worth this directly contradicts an email conversation AUSmotive had with a Volkswagen AG representative last week that stated there is not sufficient space for a manual gearbox to fit in a Polo GTI. However, here at AUSmotive we want to believe a manual Polo GTI will be a reality, so let’s all hold hands and think happy thoughts.

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The handling description (less the ESP) was the MKVI Golf experience. I am sure they are being overly critical of a car that is pretty hot performance value.

MK IV/V/VI, easy mistake to make Mick – looking as though VW is going for achingly boring as its new mantra. That Polo had as much visual chutzpah as a labrador, just like VW’s of the 90’s.

What concerns me is why does the tyres squels so easily? It looked pretty low speed…

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