Evo drive the new Polo GTI

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Evo magazine have followed Autocar with their review of new Polo GTI. It’s a bit more promising than Autocar‘s first thoughts, too:

Here is the best attempt yet at a convincing GTI-badged Polo, a car with its own personality freed from the shadow of the Golf. It looks right for the role, too, with its deep valances, honeycomb grille, red stripes and twin tailpipes, plus a mini-GTI interior treatment.

The closing line about a manual transmission being a possibility is also very interesting. Although it is worth this directly contradicts an email conversation AUSmotive had with a Volkswagen AG representative last week that stated there is not sufficient space for a manual gearbox to fit in a Polo GTI. However, here at AUSmotive we want to believe a manual Polo GTI will be a reality, so let’s all hold hands and think happy thoughts.

[Source: Evo]