Ferrari throw 599 GTO keys to evo

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Ferrari 599 GTO

We’ve already seen a couple of videos featuring the hugely desirable Ferrari 599 GTO. But another one won’t hurt, will it.

This time it’s Chris Harris from evo behind the wheel. Adding another dimension is some in-car footage filmed around Fiorano with Ferrari test driver Raffaele de Simone (last seen lapping a 599XX around the Nürburging in under 7 minutes). De Simone offers further insight into Ferrari’s aims for the 599 GTO.

In his written review Harris says this about the 599 GTO, “The project’s main aim was to reduce understeer, and it certainly works – on track it has far more front axle grip than a GTB. It’s less forgiving though: set-up for ultimate lap-time, it punishes indecisive or clumsy inputs.

For a car with a magnificent V12 roar like this, you’re better off watching the videos, you can check them out after the break.

[Source: evo]