VW Touareg R wants a piece of BMW X5 M action

Volkswagen Touareg

News has emerged suggesting Volkswagen’s R division are ready to spice things up with the new Touareg SUV. Accordingly they’ve set their sights on the very big target of the BMW X5 M.

The big Beemer has a mighty 555bhp accompanied ably by a more than respectable 680Nm of torque. It has some balls, in other words. In return, it is understood the Touareg R will pack a 500bhp punch from a normally aspirated V8 engine. Realising this is not enough, the chaps at R GmbH are planning a Hybrid assault by using an electric engine to held nudge power to at least 547bhp.

A relatively low limit of 47bhp applies to the electric motor in the garden variety Touaregs, but perhaps an R version could have that limit increased, offering more power.

Usual R bodywork and suspension enhancements would also apply. This Touareg R might actually go alright. If you’re into that sort of thing.

[Source: Zer Customs]

7 replies on “VW Touareg R wants a piece of BMW X5 M action”

As much as I want to despise the X5 M, I have to admit it is a serious bit of kit. I suspect comparisons to the BMW are internet fodder only, as I don’t think VW would have a chance.

Why is it car manufacturers are only making bonkers behemoths these days? Where are the stupidly overpowered hatches and sedans? Why give them only a comparatively mild warmover?

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