Here’s the official word on the Mk7 Golf R

Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen has come good with official info for its new Mk7 Golf R hero model. As expected the headline stats from the EA888 2.0 litre turbo engine are 221kW/380Nm. And you can read more after the break. We’ve also got a 15 page press release for you which goes into further detail. For example, it says this about the new Haldex V all-wheel drive system:

The 4MOTION all-wheel drive system of the Golf R, further perfected by enhancements such as the Haldex 5 coupling, is activated even before any wheel starts to slip. This eliminates nearly all traction losses. The system achieves this by using an advanced control function based on specific driving conditions. When operating under a relatively low load or when coasting, forward propulsion comes primarily from the front axle, and the rear axle is decoupled. This basic drive layout saves fuel. However, the rear axle of the Golf R can be variably engaged in fractions of a second whenever necessary. This is done via a Haldex coupling, which is activated by an electro-hydraulic oil pump.

If you’re into this car we certainly recommend downloading the PDF to read at your leisure. We’ll bring you more as Volkswagen releases new information.

UPDATE: Volkswagen Australia says it expects to have the Golf R on sale locally in the first half of next year. Our question enquiring about the availability of a three door version was ignored.

UPDATE #2: We thank Volkswagen Australia for this answer, even if we don’t like it: “We are not planning on offering a 3 door.”


Volkswagen Golf VII R leaked

Volkswagen Golf VII R

It looks almost certain that we’ll see the all-new Volkswagen Golf R revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show after new details have been leaked.

Firstly, the two images show what you’d expect from R GmbH when finishing off the hottest Golf on the Mk7 platform. Like the car itself the bodywork is an evolution of what we saw in the Mk6 Golf R. Notable changes are to the alloys which look to be at least 19″ in diameter. The wing mirrors have gone from gloss black to a satin chrome finish. And at the back of the car centrally mounted twin exhaust tips have been replaced by a more conventional quad set up.

Power comes straight from the 8V Audi S3, so we’re talking 221kW/380Nm. Coupled with a 4motion all-wheel drive system and DSG transmission Volkswagen claims the R can sprint to 100km/h in 4.9 seconds, while manual drivers will need an extra 0.4 seconds to complete the same task. Top speed has been restricted to 250km/h.

Fuel consumption can be quite frugal if you desire, with the Euro combined cycle yielding results of 6.9l/100km.

The new R rides on suspension that’s 5mm lower than the Mk7 GTI and it appears as though Adaptive Chassis Control will remain an option. Although it is expected to have a Race setting added to its bag of tricks.

Officially, all we can find from Volkswagen is that the new R will have its market launch in the fourth quarter of this year, which is why we expect to see a full reveal from Volkswagen very soon.

[Source: Auto Wereld | Thanks to Stu for the tip]


Volkswagen Jetta R on the cards

Volkswagen Jetta

Last week Volkswagen held the European launch of its latest Jetta saloon in Munich. Same old fare, really. That was until you realised there was a Jetta R on display with everything to show except the official R badging.

Well, that might be stretching the truth a little, but according to Autocar there was Jetta present fitted with a 3.6-litre V6 with an undisclosed power rating. Also featured in this Jetta R-in-hiding was a 6-speed DSG and 4motion all-wheel drive.

The chances of the R’s future appear to lie with consumer demand, “If there are customers asking for it, we will do it,” claims Ulrich Hackenberg, Volkswagen R&D boss, “It wouldn’t be a problem for us. The Jetta’s platform can take four-wheel drive.”

It would seem, then, that this is America’s best chance to jump on the R performance bandwagon, which currently misses out on the Golf R and Scirocco R.

[Source: Autocar]


VW Touareg R rendering

Volkswagen Touareg R rendering

Following the last week’s news that Volkswagen’s R GmbH division is expected to add some herbs to the new Touareg comes this rendering courtesy of the Motor Authority website. All the key “R” exterior features are there; huge air intakes in the lower grille, signature blue paint and gloss black mirrors.

It seems the 5.0 litre V8 will feature twin turbo technology to help it reach 500bhp, an engine likely to be found elsewhere in the VAG line up; Audi S8, for example. Of course, the Touareg R hybrid will have an electric motor providing another 50bhp or so.

The Touareg R is expected to be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2011.

[Source: Motor Authority]

UPDATE 3 September: Car and Driver have thrown something different into the mix by reporting the Touareg R will be powered by a 4.2 litre V8 diesel.


VW Touareg R wants a piece of BMW X5 M action

Volkswagen Touareg

News has emerged suggesting Volkswagen’s R division are ready to spice things up with the new Touareg SUV. Accordingly they’ve set their sights on the very big target of the BMW X5 M.

The big Beemer has a mighty 555bhp accompanied ably by a more than respectable 680Nm of torque. It has some balls, in other words. In return, it is understood the Touareg R will pack a 500bhp punch from a normally aspirated V8 engine. Realising this is not enough, the chaps at R GmbH are planning a Hybrid assault by using an electric engine to held nudge power to at least 547bhp.

A relatively low limit of 47bhp applies to the electric motor in the garden variety Touaregs, but perhaps an R version could have that limit increased, offering more power.

Usual R bodywork and suspension enhancements would also apply. This Touareg R might actually go alright. If you’re into that sort of thing.

[Source: Zer Customs]