Some say… The Stig has been sacked

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The Stig

Following last week’s news confirming the Ben Collins is The Stig theory comes today’s revelation that Collins has been sacked by the BBC. Proving that the Beeb doesn’t muck around it’s also been reported that a new Stig has already been employed.

According to UK newspaper The Mirror a new man in white was seen working for Top Gear at the Nürburgring as recently as last Friday.

The whole story erupted on 19 August when it became apparent the man in white wanted to out himself in an autobiography to be published by HarperCollins. The book is due for release in mid September and the BBC is continuing to fight in the British courts to have the autobiography suppressed.

Speaking on the Top Gear website Executive Producer Andy Wilman said, “So on Monday there I was, dressed like somebody who works behind the till at NatWest, having to listen to people from HarperCollins telling me that they have the right to reveal who the Stig is.

“Well actually, that’s tosh. The whole point of the Stig is the mystique – the bizarre characteristics he has, the wonderment created about what he might think, feel, do or look like. Kids adore the conceit, and I believe adults, although they know it’s a man in a suit (or is it?), gladly buy into the whole conceit because they find it entertaining.”