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Top Gear Series 20 to premiere on 30 June

Top Gear, Series 20 preview

Season 20 of Top Gear is due to hit UK screens on 30 June. That’s this coming weekend; cool! Here’s a preview of what you can expect. For even more detail go straight to the source.

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Top Gear Series 17 starting on 12 June (or not)

Top Gear cast

First filed: 18 May

According to the latest issue of the Dutch edition of Top Gear magazine Season 17 is due to air on BBC2 from Sunday 12 June (see below).

Meanwhile, Top Gear Australia has recently been recording its studio pieces for the next series which will be due to air on Channel 9 later this year.

[Source: Final Gear]

UPDATE 19 May: It looks like the Dutch Top Gear mag went a bit early by naming a start date for the next season. A wrap on the knuckles for someone, we suspect. So, Top Gear Series 17 will start in June and most likely on a Sunday, too. You have a one in four chance of being right; name your date below!

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Top Gear Series 17 is going to be electric

Jeremy Clarkson & James May

UPDATE 9 June: Top Gear, Series 17 is due to start on 26 June.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May were recently spotted at the University of Lincoln chasing some free electricity. Filming a segment for the upcoming Season 17 of Top Gear the lads were caught out while driving across the UK using a Nissan Leaf and a Peuegot iOn.

It’s understood their all-electric cars had run out of battery power and laid idle in Lincoln for several hours while their lusty steeds regained charge. A brief video capturing Jeremy and James in their plight can be seen after the break.

There’s some debate as to the start date for Series 17. Some rumours are suggesting a possible premiere on Sunday 19 June. However, word straight from the source says, “No news of exactly when the new series will be on your screens, but it will be towards the end of this year.”

[Source: The Lincolnite]


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Top Gear is back next weekend – Here’s a preview

Top Gear, Season 16

First filed 15 January 2011.

Top Gear Season 16 fires up on UK screens next weekend (Sunday 23 January). We’ve already told you about some of the cars that will be featured, now you can click below for a look at some of the hi-jinks.

[via Top Gear]

UPDATE 19 January: You can now view the series preview after the break. A photo gallery from Series 16 can also be seen on the Top Gear website.

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BBC gives another peak at Top Gear Christmas specials

Top Gear in New York

Earlier in the month we brought you the news that Top Gear will be running two Christmas specials—the first on Tuesday 21 December, followed by another on Sunday 26 December. The BBC, via YouTube, now gives us a second preview of the two episodes. You can check it out after the break.

[Thanks to Richard for the tip]

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Top Gear Christmas Specials coming soon

Top Gear - 26 December special

Well, the rumour from August has been proved correct; Top Gear has confirmed they will air two specials later this month. The first is scheduled for broadcast on 21 December and, at the time of writing, nothing official has been announced about its content. However, a second special, due to screen on Boxing Day, has been previewed over at the Top Gear website.

As the image above shows Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May have been somewhere very hot. That somewhere is the Middle East, taking in locations such as Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel. The lads are en route to Bethlehem. Well, it is the right time of year for it, I guess. If you don’t mind a spoiler or two check out the BBC promo after the break. The source link below also has more details if you’d like.

As for the earlier special, it’s expected the lads will be back in the United States, most likely with the Top Gear USA crew, and Jalopnik had the scoop (spoilers) a short while back.

[Source: Top Gear]

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Top Gear drags Stig drama back to court

Ben Collins

A couple of months ago a UK court ruled in favour of Ben Collins, the man formerly known as The Stig, allowing him to publish his autobiography. Collins’ tale lifted the curtain on some of the mystique behind Top Gear and the BBC were not too impressed. Unhappy with that initial ruling the BBC are taking the case back to court.

Collins confirmed the new stoush a few days ago saying, “I’ve just had to do a load of witness statements for round two. As it stands they are pursuing me for breach of contract. So here we go again.”

The Beeb are adamant that Collins had revealed his identity well before the autobiography controversy broke. Collins, of course, denies that is the case, “I worked so hard to keep a lid on the whole thing and stay anonymous. I didn’t tell anybody what I did. I used to go to the locations wearing a balaclava in my civvy clothes, which was all my idea, I wasn’t told to do it.

“It seems ridiculous, the BBC stance. Even though they lost the first case they are pursuing me a second time, saying I was leaking my identity. It’s pretty hard to hear it and I’m pretty fed up with it.”

We can certainly understand the latter point, there. Based on recent comments from Jeremy Clarkson announcing a new Stig has been selected it looks like Collins will be the subject of countless passive aggressive attacks in future. What do you think, is Clarkson right to attack Collins’ integrity, or should he just suck it up and move on?


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Top Gear’s new Stig looks just like the old one

Top Gear - New Stig

According to a new Top Gear video the picture above is the new Stig. He looks just like the old one; a marketing/merchandising decision, it would seem.

The latest Stig incarnation was revealed due to Top Gear Live commitments and, so far, the television show is remaining coy about the future of the new Stig making an appearance in Season 16.

Who are they kidding?

After the break you can see the video which was filmed on location at the Stig Farm, where the New Stig was supposedly created. It includes some not so subtle, and rather childish, digs at Ben Collins.


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Happy as a Stig in mud

Stig farm

Following the Ben Collins fallout Top Gear are keen to promote the “discovery” of a new Stig farm as reported by The Sun. Apparently der neue Stig is due to be revealed next week when the latest Top Gear Live tour kicks off in London.

A BBC source has said, “Fans don’t know there is a secret farm where we breed lots of different Stigs. We’ve found just the one.”

It still hasn’t been confirmed if Stiggy in the middle will return to the Top Gear television show, but, it’s probably a good money bet to say he/she/it will. I guess we’ll know that when Season 16 starts early next year.

[Source: The Sun]

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Top Gear Australia – Series 3 returns

Top Gear Australia cast, 2010

Top Gear Australia, Series 3—aka The Channel 9 version—makes its debut on Tuesday at 7:30pm. The new series kicks off with a 90 minute show dubbed “The Ashes Special” which will see the Aussies take on the Poms. Could the new series jump the shark in its very first episode?

Below is the text from the IceTV guide:

“Cricket passions transfer to automobiles when the Aussie Top Gear mavens, Shane Jacobson, Ewen Page and Steve Pizzati, go to England to take on the originals – Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond on their home turf. A bit like the cricket actually.”

Ewen Page also has a preview on the Top Gear website. Let’s hope its not as cringe worthy as it sounds.

Lamborghini Top Gear

Raging bulls

Top Gear US - Lamborghnini preview

As you are probably aware the Top Gear franchise is heading Stateside. The History Channel bring us this preview clip of Adam, Tanner and Rutledge thrashing three Lamborghini supercars; the Gallardo, the Gallardo Balboni and the Murcielago Super Veloce. Even the Yanks couldn’t stuff this up, surely! The preview is all yours after the break. Make sure you turn your sound up to eleven.

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Some say… The Stig has been sacked

The Stig

Following last week’s news confirming the Ben Collins is The Stig theory comes today’s revelation that Collins has been sacked by the BBC. Proving that the Beeb doesn’t muck around it’s also been reported that a new Stig has already been employed.

According to UK newspaper The Mirror a new man in white was seen working for Top Gear at the Nürburgring as recently as last Friday.

The whole story erupted on 19 August when it became apparent the man in white wanted to out himself in an autobiography to be published by HarperCollins. The book is due for release in mid September and the BBC is continuing to fight in the British courts to have the autobiography suppressed.

Speaking on the Top Gear website Executive Producer Andy Wilman said, “So on Monday there I was, dressed like somebody who works behind the till at NatWest, having to listen to people from HarperCollins telling me that they have the right to reveal who the Stig is.

“Well actually, that’s tosh. The whole point of the Stig is the mystique – the bizarre characteristics he has, the wonderment created about what he might think, feel, do or look like. Kids adore the conceit, and I believe adults, although they know it’s a man in a suit (or is it?), gladly buy into the whole conceit because they find it entertaining.”