A look inside the new Porsche 911

Porsche 991 911 interior spy shot

The new 991 Porsche 911 is still some time away, but this spy shot from Edmunds Inside Line gives us a great early look inside the car. It looks nice enough and well made, of course, but there’s just a wee bit going on with that Panamera-esque centre console.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

4 replies on “A look inside the new Porsche 911”

Very nice, in a tourer sort of way. So that would be perfect for all the non-GT series cars then. But what are they going to do with the GT cars (as in GT3, GT2 etc)? Those are meant to be raw race ready machines. This interior doesn’t belong in those cars! Maybe I am just bias…

I think Porsche needs some more “bling” to compete the interior of the 911 has always been it bit low rent hehe

I also noticed there is no handbrake?? is the 911 heading towards an electronic button handbrake similar to the Cayenne?

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