Here’s your chance to buy a Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

I’m guessing most AUSmotive readers have, at some point in their lives, lusted after a Ferrari F40. I know I certainly have. I also know some readers have been lucky enough to get up close and personal with the last of the Ferraris built under the watchful eye of Enzo Ferrari himself.

Now, you can buy the car you see here in these pictures. The F40 will be up for sale this weekend at the Historics at Brooklands auction. It’s expected to sell for around £280,000–320,000 (approx AU$465,000–530,000).

Only 1315 F40s were ever made, so this is a rare chance to get your hands on one. The example up for grabs was built in 1989 and has a travelled mere 10,500 miles. Who wants to chip in?

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40


Rare example of world’s fastest production car is last-minute auction lot at Historics, this Saturday, 25 September

An original and unmolested example of a Ferrari F40, the car that held the mantle of the world’s fastest street-legal production car, is a dramatic last-minute addition to the 70+ classic vehicles that will come under the hammer at the Historics at Brooklands auction in Surrey, this Saturday, 25th September.

Such is the appeal of the F40 that examples are seldom offered for sale and Historics are expecting significant interest, valuing the car between £280,000 – £320,000.

The F40 was the last model commissioned by Enzo Ferrari, celebrating 40 years of manufacture at Maranello. During its production, from 1987-1992, the Ferrari F40 was the most powerful, most expensive and fastest car the company had ever produced, with 471bhp on its turbo-charged tap.

Owners of the 1,315 F40s produced enjoy a stunningly-designed and superbly crafted, red-blooded projectile – regarded by some as the greatest supercar of all time – which reached a genuine 200mph, thanks largely to its supreme aerodynamics and light weight.

The F40 weighs in at a meagre 2,400 lbs, through the copious use of carbon fibre, kevlar and aluminium. And, testiment to Ferrari’s supreme styling and finesse 23 years ago, the F40 slips through the air with a drag co-efficient of just 0.34.

In contrast, the current holder of the world’s fastest car title, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, thumps the scales at a beefy 4,160lbs, over 70% heavier than the F40, and required more than twice the power in order to claim the current record speed for a production car, at 268mph.

The F40 example offered at Historics on September 25th was manufactured in 1989. With a recorded mileage of just 10,500 miles, F311 ULB offers superb value for money and besides its electrifying driving experience, makes an ideal investment opportunity, with so few original and unmolested examples such as this, finding their way to the open market.

The sale of cars consigned to the Historics at Brooklands auction on Saturday 25th September gets under way at 3pm, with viewings on the day from 10am, and on Friday 24th, 10am – 8pm. Entry is by catalogue only, available prior to, or on the day of the auction.

For more information, call 0800 988 3838, e-mail:, or visit the website,

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Lima, just go to Maranello Motorsport in Melbourne if you want one. No need to go all the way to the UK! That one is an Aussie delivered car, for $690k. Go on Ausmotive tsar, do eeet! 😛

No need to go to the UK to get it…bid online via i-bidder.

Probably still need to win powerball though.

One of my favorites. I’ll have the LM option though. My dads friend has one. You can get them registered in Oz now cause they are more than 25 years old,

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