New info for Audi RS3, RS7 and S1

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Audi S1, RS3 and RS7

German publication Auto Bild has published new info and some pricing detail on upcoming Audi models—the RS3, RS7 and S1:

RS3—Rumours and guesswork on when this car will finally see the light of day continue with new suggestions the RS3 will not be launched until the Geneva show in March 2011. Paris could be off, then?! The constant information that does exist is in relation to the engine being sourced from the TT RS; meaning the 250kW 2.5 litre in-line 5 cylinder should have the balls to propel the RS3 to 100km/h in well under 5 seconds. European pricing is expected to be under €50,000.

RS7—Understood to be powered by a new 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8, which will offer 550bhp (410kW) to the world. The RS7 is said to be revealed at the Frankfurt show in September 2011. The car would then go on European sale shortly after at around €110,000.

S1—Just when you thought it was safe to stop thinking about this car a new rumour has emerged. The latest word suggests the 210bhp (155kW) 2.0 litre turbo from the Golf GTI will be stuffed under the bonnet. There’s no mention of quattro from the Auto Bild article, but you can expect that to be included given earlier news regarding the front-wheel drive “S1 lite”.

[Source: Auto Bild via The German Car Blog]