Audi S1 Sportback: Australian pricing & specs

Audi S1 Sportback

Got a spare $49,900? If so then you can rush down to your closest Audi dealer and buy yourself an S1 Sportback.

When you get there we’re sure you’ll be disappointed to learn that Audi Australia has once again robbed you of the chance to buy your hot hatch in the more appealing three door layout, but at least you can laugh at all those double-clutch schmucks with your very own 6-speed manual gearbox.

Of course, you’ll also have a smile on your face thanks to the 170kW/370Nm 2.0 TFSI engine and a better than the pub critic will ever admit Haldex-based quattro all-wheel drive system stuffed under that pretty funky bodywork.

As is Audi’s wont these days, they’ve gathered up a whole bunch of goodies into special equipment packages. This is cleverly done to prise more money from your wallet while making it look like you’re getting a screaming bargain.

Then, when you’ve taken Audi up on those bargains, paid the nice government folk all their taxes, your $50K hot hatch, which once seemed reasonably priced, is now all of a sudden pushing $65K and you’re left thinking why didn’t I just buy an S3!

Cheekiness aside, we do think the S1 is a proper feisty little bit of kit and we wouldn’t at all object if you put good reason to one side and said, “Yes please Audi, I’ll have me one of those!”

Full details await after the break.

Audi Video

Is the Audi S1 a hyperhatch?

Audi S1

The Audi S1 is a hot hatch that we would very much like to try for ourselves. It was released back in February and at the time Audi Australia told us it would go on sale locally in the third quarter of 2014. Guess what quarter we’re in now? That’s right, it’s the third, so the S1 should be here very soon.

XCAR has chimed in with a timely video to give us an idea of what to expect when the S1 is ready and waiting for the AUSmotive treatment. As noted we’re keen to learn more, but will it really be a hyperhatch?

Audi Video

Audi S1 teaser review

Audi S1

The 21st century Audi S1 is a car that interests us very much. For starters we’ve always quite liked the look of the A1. And the idea of sticking what is essentially the S3 drivetrain into its more fashion conscious little brother is one we wholehearetedly approve of.

That said, the real S1 deserves its place in motorsport folklore. Any attempts by Audi to try and fool us into believing there is a genuine link between a trumped up A-segment shopping trolley and a group B rally icon should be spared. If not for our embarrassment, then at least for Audi’s.

It’s better to just accept Audi’s current nomenclature and rationalise the name of the S1 that way, rather treating us like fools.

Now that we’ve cleared that up we’re pleased to see the S1 doing the media rounds. Although, as this review from Evo shows, you’ll be left wanting for more. And in the case of the feisty S1, perhaps that’s no bad thing.

[Thanks to John for the tip]


Audi S1 & S1 Sportback revealed

Audi S1

Let’s say right off the bat, if this new Audi S1 is a dog to drive we’re going to be pretty pissed off. Because in almost every regard we reckon this shapes as being one of the best hot hatches on the market.

We’ve long been admirers of the A1 styling and with its facelifted details and S1 model-specific body kit this really hits the spot.

Take the quad tailpipes, for example. Often this arrangement just looks a bit too contrived, especially on a hatchback. But on this S1, combined with the reasonably aggressive rear valance, it just seems to work.

Yes, we know that it will probably have over-assisted brakes, that its steering will be a bit loose compared to its rivals and we know Renaultsport will more than likely still be king when it comes to driver involvement. But, go on Audi, prove us wrong. Please!

It is worth noting Audi has revised the front and rear suspension from the A1 donor model. The front-end gets new pivot bearings to help improve turn-in. A more dramatic change has taken place at the rear with the torsion-beam scrapped for a new four-link arrangement.

Factor in that the S1 is available exclusively with a 6-speed manual transmission—really, how good is that from a company who pioneered double-clutch boxes for the road—and the signs for this S1 are good. Very good.

Perhaps the biggest hindrance to the S1’s dynamic success will be its weight. Audi is yet to put an official figure on paper. Suffice to say the A1 1.4 TFSI Sport tips the scales at around 1200kg, add a quattro system to the S1 and it’ll be pushing 1300kg.

We don’t have a lot of technical detail to give you and have listed the key specs below. Fingers crossed this car is as good as it promises to be.

Audi S1 & S1 Sportback

  • Engine: 2.0 TFSI turbocharged four cylinder engine (EA888)
  • Peak power/torque: 170kW/370Nm
  • 0–100km/h: 5.8s (5.9s S1 Sportback)
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual (exclusively)
  • Driven wheels: quattro all-wheel drive

UPDATE: This from Audi Australia: “The Audi S1 Sportback is confirmed for Australia, and will arrive in the third quarter of 2014.”

Audi Video WRC

Paying our respects to the first Audi S1

Audi UR quattro

We acknowledge that some people will be cut up that Audi is bestowing the legendary S1 badge on a pissy four cylinder hatchback. And while we do side with Audi on this one—as one of life’s great philosophers once said, “You can’t stop progress”—we hope these videos of “The S1” absolutely smashing it will appease those who aren’t happy with Audi’s decision.

It’s wishful thinking, of course, but let’s just pretend for a moment that Audi has been crazy enough to ensure the new S1 has the turbo whistle form the old car.


Today is Audi S1 day, remember

Audi S1

This looks good!

It’s the Audi S1. See, BMW, someone is not too afraid to bring back a mismatching iconic nameplate. Anyway, official details of the S1 Sportback, emphasis on the Sportback (ie. five-door), will be coming your way later today. Until then here’s a series of leaked images.

Remember, it’s got a 2.0 litre engine, a 6-speed manual gearbox and it’s small and nimble. What’s not to like?

How long until the street version of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC hits showrooms?

[Source: autofilou | Thanks to Tim for the tip]


Audi S1 to be launched on 12 February

2014 Audi S1 teaser

Audi has released a couple of teaser videos to YouTube in recent days announcing the arrival of an all-new model and is playing the deliberately coy approach of the car being a mystery.

All they have told us, in words, is that the car will be launched in South Africa next week, on 12 February, and that the model name includes a number (so it’s not the new TT).

The second teaser video gives us some visual clues and with some still shots and some investigation via Photoshop we reckon it’s pretty clear the new car is going to be the S1, the go fast version of the A1.

The two-door body style and mirror shape in the above pic look A1-based and inside we see the car has a 6-speed manual transmission and bright yellow seat backs with “quattro” badging. Very similar to the limited edition A1 quattro released in 2011, itself based on the 2011 A1 clubsport Wörthersee special.

Recent speculation suggests the S1 will feature a 170kW 2.0 TFSI engine, quattro all-wheel drive system and a manual transmission. See, we can join dots too!

You can watch the reveal next week via Audi MediaTV. Bring it on.


Audi S1 coming to Geneva, this year!

Audi S1

And on the eighth day God created the Audi S1. That’s not to say this hitherto mythical S1 hot hatch will be the best example of its genre, not at all. It’s just that the gestation of this little fighter has been going since the big guy in the sky started getting creative. But now, we are told by Auto Express, the Audi S1 will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Supposedly it will have around 170kW (230hp) being produced by a 2.0 litre turbo (that’s a Golf GTI engine to you and me) and will boast quattro all-wheel drive as standard. There’s no surprise to learn that a 6-speed S tronic transmission will be available, but we’re still hoping a trad manual box will be on the cards too.

Given the long haul creation of the S1 anything could change between now and March, so let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best. All while not trying to think how much this hot hatch will cost if and when it lands on our shores.

[Source: Auto Express]


Remember the Audi S1 hot hatch?

Audi S1 prototype

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about the Audi S1, but thankfully Autocar brings us an update thanks to a new series of spy shots.

Best guesses now suggest the S1 will be powered by a version of the Volkswagen Group’s EA888 2.0 litre turbocharged engine, with power expected to be around 220hp (165kW). There’s still speculatiom that a manual gearbox, as well as an S tronic, will be available. And, of course, wearing a S badge means the S1 will also employ an all-wheel drive system.

Predictions for the car’s launch say the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, next March, could be the date. The S1 would be introduced as part of a newly facelifted A1 range.

[Source: Autocar]


Audi S1 lives at the Nürburgring

Audi S1 prototype

The otherwise standard looking Audi A1 is believed to be a cooking new S1 model. Quad exhaust tips give us the first clue that this is a warmed over version of the A1 and those odd looking wheel hubs could also be used for evaluating a quattro all-wheel drive system.

Who knows whether this will be an S1 or even an RS1, but expect it to be based on the extreme A1 quattro. Limited to 333 examples, that car used a 188kW 2.0 litre turbo four nicked from the bigger S3.

Latest speculation suggests the S1 will use a detuned version of that 2.0 litre engine, with a power figure of around 162kW. Although, previous reports have speculated on the development of an all-new 1.6 litre turbo providing around the same power.

We don’t really mind how Audi gets there, just so long as they do!

[Source: WCF]


Audi S1 to be powered by new 1.6 litre turbo

Audi S1 prototype

World Car Fans brings word the upcoming Audi S1 could be powered by a new 1.6 litre turbo engine. We already know the S1 will use a quattro all-wheel drive system, but this is the first time we’ve heard detailed speculation on engine configuration. Ensuring the S1 lives up to its S badging it’s expected the new 1.6T will pack a 160kW+ punch. That’s around 220bhp in the old money.

Also quoted, from an earlier Audi press release, “an electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch located in front of the rear axle for an optimized distribution of weight.”

If Audi can nail the suspension tuning and offer up a well sorted hot hatch they might have a winner on their hands. At the very least the MINI John Cooper Works will have a fierce rival in the premium hatch segment. Perhaps BMW may see if they can squeeze their own All4 all-wheel drive technology into the MINI hardtop as well. Happy times!

[Source: World Car Fans]


Audi S1 prototype pipes up

Audi S1 spied

This otherwise regular looking A1 is reportedly an S1 prototype. The subtle twin pipes at the back offer the required clues. They actually look pretty good, too.

Speaking of clues, there’s not really too many others in regards to the finer details of the S1. We know it will feature a quattro drivetrain, but at this stage we’ve not come across anything too concrete in terms of the engine which will power the S1.

Some reckon it will be a reworked version of the 1.4 TFSI, which seems unlikely to us. Autoblog speculate 270hp could be on the cards; a little high maybe? Either way we doubt the 1.4 twin charger—currently offered with a max power rating of 185hp (136kW)—could be tuned to achieve that result. The S3 engine currently offers 265hp, so will the well utilised Volkswagen Group 2-litre find its way into the car? Or what about something entirely new altogether?

[Source: Autoblog | Pic: CarPix]