Audi approves quattro drivetrain for A1

Audi A1

Fellow bloggers Audidriven tweeted news during the week that Audi has signed off on adding quattro to the A1. AUSmotive has not been able to find a direct quote from anyone at Audi, but apparently the news has been announced publicly by both Rupert Stadler, Audi AG Chairman, and Michael Dick, Audi AG Board Member for Technical Development.

A quattro drivetrain appeared unlikely for the A1 platform after the rumoured S1 hot hatch had its “S” badging scuppered at the last minute due to it being a front-wheel drive.

Assuming the accuracy of the above claim it augurs well for the on-again S1 rumours. It also confirms a snippet passed on to AUSmotive some time ago that quattro would be available on at least one model sourced from the A1 platform.

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That little sucker will pack quite a nice package when it has it’s final production model released, with all the goodies small cars, all wheel drive and lots of power usually bring. 🙂

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