2013 Audi A3 sedan rendering

Audi A3 sedan rendering

Word on the street says Audi is developing a sedan version of its A3 hatch. It would be launched as part of the third generation A3 platform and French publication L’Automobile reckon it will look like this.

It is now expected the next gen A3 hatch and Sportback will be launched in 2012. The sedan version would follow in 2013 with the US and Asian markets likely to be its main target.

A sedan body shape may also provide a better option for the next A3 convertible.

[Source: L’Automobile]

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Actually, if they “coupéd” it, rather than hatched it, it’s be a very tasty RS3 base.

If this is it, it is looking good. The new A4 is too big. I am waiting for this A3 Sedan badly. I doubt they will ever give a manual TDI in the US. But I can get the manual gas or s-tronic diesel.

Please make this car with good quality inside material. The current A3 is just plain cheap, not worthed the price at all.

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