2012 Audi A3 speculation

2012 Audi A3 rendering

Here’s a bit of goss about the next model Audi A3. Apparently the Ingolstadt crew are being kept so busy with the A1 and imminent Q3 that the next generation A3 has been put on ice for around 12 months. That means Euro markets will be seeing the next Audigolf in late 2011, maybe.

With increased competition from an extended BMW 1 Series range, as well as improved offerings from the Mercedes A and B Class ranges, the new A3 is expected to once again spawn three and five door variants, along with cabrio and Sportback models.

It seems the new-model-has-to-be-bigger phenomenon will see the 2011 A3 grow to a size slightly bigger than the current Golf VI. The rendering above, if correct, indicates the look of the new car will be a definite case of evolution with the Sportback model shown incorporating an A4-inspired lower belt line and new lighting design.

It’s probably not worth speculating too hard on the expected engine line up the next A3 will bring to market, for the simple fact a lot of fuel consumption and CO2 emission numbers are likely to be shed to ensure the Audigolf is one of the cleanest and greenest cars in its class.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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I love it especially if it has the diesel engine, but I don’t want to wait for 18 months to two years here in Canada? for it. Please speed delivery up about one year as I have a 5 year old Toyota to trade in. I also think that the new 4 door A3 is absolutely gorgeous.

Cudos to Audi if this image is even close. As a current A3 3.2 owner, I am awaiting Audi sending a TDI Quattro to the USA

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