Chris Harris drives 1M searching for the best of M people

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Chris Harris drives the BMW 1M Coupé

Chris Harris has just driven a near production-ready BMW 1M Coupé. It was an odd gig, really; BMW flew him from London to Munich for a 20 minute test drive. Knowing his time would be brief, Harris compiled a list of the best things he likes about M-badged BMWs. When driving the prototype he cross-checked the feedback from the car against his “M car” list. He used words “like an M car” a number of times and concluded that he is “really, really excited” by the 1M Coupé and can’t wait to drive a full production version in the near future.

All of these thoughts were recorded to video and you can watch the clip after the break. Some of the audio is not great, but the content is definitely worth the effort. It sounds like the 1M Coupé has the potential to be future classic.