BMW 1M Coupé test drive winner tells all

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BMW 1M Coupe test drive winner

Remember the competition BMW was running where the prize was one of 12 places at an exclusive 1 Series M Coupé prototype test drive event? Sounded pretty good, didn’t it. Well that event took place a few days ago. You can see a brief promo video from BMW after the break.

However, perhaps of more interest is a first-hand account of what this goose-pimple inducing 1M Coupé is like to drive. The chap on the left of frame above was one of the lucky few. He goes by the name of Woland’s Advocate on the 1addicts forum.

Here’s a taste of what he had to say, “The engine is astonishingly flexible with bags of torque to spare, so even at motorway speeds, strong effortless acceleration is available without shifting down from sixth. But when shifting is this slick, that would be a pity, especially given the engine’s epic mid-range punch. The gearshift’s throw has been shortened and the box on the car I tried was largely slick and intuitive—you can lightly flick it between gears with speed and precision.”

Follow the link below to get the whole story, it’s quite a good read.

[Source: 1addicts]

UPDATE: You can read another review from a 1addicts user HERE.