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Driverless Audi TTS conquers Pikes Peak

Autonomous Audi TTS

The propeller heads at Stanford University said they could do it. And now they have. “It”, of course, is the none too difficult task of sending a car up the daunting Pikes Peak International Hill Climb without a driver on board. Giving the motoring world a new term—drive-by-wireless—the autonomous Audi TTS managed to complete the 20 kilometre course without a hitch.

Unfortunately, there was a glitch of sorts when a helicopter tracking the Audi’s ascent crashed and the pilot ended up in hospital. Thankfully the pilot is now doing well and the story of the little TTS that could is being told.

There’s a couple of brief vids after the break to make you go, “Oh wow, how did they do that!”

[Source: engadget | Thanks to Tim for the tip]