250kW confirmed for BMW 1M Coupé?

BMW 1M Coupe engine spec

You’re looking at the strongest link yet to confirmed engine spec for the upcoming BMW 1 Series M Coupé. You need to focus on the bottom three lines in the lower right hand corner of the pic. The information comes via a 1addicts reader and he believes it to be the real deal. The key letters and numbers are the N54B3OTO engine code and 250kW. It also appears as if BMW internally refer to the 1M as “Pyrat”.

A peak power figure of 250kW (340hp) is no real surprise, but it’s still nice to see a quasi-legitimate confirmation. What is very interesting is the last line on that pic which lists an N54B3OTO engine code with a power figure of 332kW (approx 450hp), and with a US country code. Hmm, what does this mean?

Well, it would be no real surprise if the next model M3 returns to an inline six cylinder engine, and if it did then a 332kW turbocharged spec would be about right. However, with the current M3 V8 only packing a 309kW punch it would be a huge surprise to see a massive 332kW wallop in a 1 Series.

[Source: 1addicts]

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Wow… Great news, that’s open a lot of possibilities.. 332… Damn ! Thanks for this. Cant wait to see it.

Fucking amatuer rumour mongering wankers… all M specific engines have the “S” nomenclature for their engine codes so basically you are full of shit…

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