So, what it is the New Stratos like to drive?

New Lancia Stratos

The official unveiling of the New Stratos project is almost upon us. Already Autocar and Evo have filed initial drive reports. Below are a few of their thoughts, but make sure you follow the links at the end to get the full picture.

Autocar: “The nimble handling and eager speed make an immediate impact, but so does the structural integrity and hugely impressive, all-of-a-piece feel of this car which is completely free of rattles and creaks. That’s some achievement in a one-off.”

Evo: “We got a handful of laps around Circuit Paul Ricard and it feels very much in the spirit of the original. It’s wide but short in the wheelbase which, combined with modest weight, makes it very agile. It’s surprisingly supple, too. It feels like it would take some bottle to drive flat-out at big speeds, or quickly in the wet, but that’s always been a part of the challenge of the Stratos and the systems are there for those who don’t feel that confident.”

[Source: Autocar & Evo]