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You can’t buy a New Stratos, but you can buy the book

It’s been over three years since German entrepreneur Michael Stoschek captured the imagination of the motoring world by commissioning a 21st century interpretation of the legendary Lancia Stratos. Styled by Pininfarina and wrapped around the shell of a Ferrari F430, we were teased with the prospect of the New Stratos being built in strictly limited […]

Ferrari says NO to New Stratos

The New Stratos project is one that has captured the imagination of car enthusiasts across the globe. It also captured the imagination of 40 wealthy enthusiasts who were ready to splash the cash and buy one. Pininfarina, the company responsible for the styling, was ready to build them. Not any more. Ferrari is throwing its […]

New Stratos – limited build run likely

Since the middle of last year the world has watched the development of the New Stratos. Word on the car’s official website states that at least 40 interested parties have expressed their desire to have a New Stratos parked in their garage. Further heightening expectations is news that companies, as well as current co-creator Pininfarina, […]

New Stratos – The performance

The performance figures of the New Stratos have just been published on the official website and join last week’s technical specs. So just how fast is a custom-built supercar that weighs less than 1250kg with 375kW on tap? 0–100km/h: 3.3 seconds 0–200km/h: 9.7 seconds Top speed: 274km/h Aside from quoting a power-to-weight ratio of less […]

New Stratos – Technical specifications

Technical details of the New Stratos have been published on the car’s official website. They tell us the F430-based sportscar tips the scales at 1247kg and a staggering 540hp (375.4kW) is produced from its 4.3 litre V8 at 8200rpm. Peak torque is on offer at 3750rpm and is rated at over 500Nm. Weight is distributed […]

So, what it is the New Stratos like to drive?

The official unveiling of the New Stratos project is almost upon us. Already Autocar and Evo have filed initial drive reports. Below are a few of their thoughts, but make sure you follow the links at the end to get the full picture. Autocar: “The nimble handling and eager speed make an immediate impact, but […]

Luca di Montezemolo signs off on New Stratos

Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo was given the keys to the New Stratos and figured the Fiorano test track was a pretty good place for a drive. He liked it so much he decided to autograph it. Dario Benuzzi, long-term Ferrari test driver, also had a play and suggested a few tweaks ahead of the […]

Pininfarina hands over New Stratos

Turin. Monday, November 8th, 2010. Draped in black cloth, the New Stratos stands waiting in a Pininfarina production hall for its new owner. Work on the details – painting, polishing, etc. – has been underway up until the final hour. Now, at handover time, the automobile is near perfect. So reads the text on the […]

More footage of the Lancia Stratos prototype

It’s been around a month since we’ve seen anything new on the Lancia Stratos revival. Here are a couple of new clips showing the car being put through its paces at the Balocco test track in Italy and at the Pininfarina wind tunnel. The man at the wheel during the Balocco testing was former F1 […]

New Lancia Stratos filmed during track development

Michael Stoschek is a lucky man. Not only does he have the cash to convince Pininfarina to design and develop a new 21st century Lancia Stratos, he has also had some time behind the wheel, as this video shows. The footage was filmed at Balocco, Italy and it is understood a Porsche 911 GT3 was […]

Lancia prepares to enter new Stratosphere

In the motoring world the words Lancia Stratos ignite many fond memories. Huge rally success etched the model into immortality. Imagine, then, the good will that would accompany an all-new Stratos. The response would be, well, stratospheric. Indeed, this is exactly what we are witnessing now that news has emerged that a one-off Stratos recreation […]