More detail on BMW’s front-wheel drive plans

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BMW 1 Series FWD

Planning for the second-generation of BMW 1 Series is well underway and part of those plans, as previously reported, include a front-wheel drive platform. Fans of the current rear-wheel drive 1 Series need not panic, though, as Autocar brings word that the next 1er will include a sextet of models; two front drivers and four tail sliders.

One of the FWD 1ers will be a trad five-door hatch, aimed squarely at the Audi A3 (see rendering above). The other will be a wagon with quasi sporting intentions. These models go under the internal acronym of UKL (Unter Klasse or sub-class).

The UKL models will be repackaged following the usual method of transversely mounting engines. This will allow BMW to free up cabin space and match class leaders like the Volkswagen Golf. It’s expected we’ll be able to buy a front-wheel drive BMW sometime in 2013.

[Source: Autocar]