Geneva 2011: Subaru Boxer Sports Car

While Toyota is shouting from the roof tops at Geneva that it has shed beige for excitement with its “Toybaru” sports car, Subaru are remaining very coy.

So far we’ve come across just this one image and a press statement from Subaru UK. They do say their “BOXER Sports Car Architecture” is exciting, though.

Hopefully we’ll have more detail soon.

UPDATE: Subaru UK has added a new release to their list overnight. It still doesn’t give too much away, but there’s a bit more detail. The new image above looks pretty jazzy, I’m sure you’ll agree. You can see another pic and the new release below.

Subaru Boxer Sports Car takes centre stage at Geneva 2011

At the forthcoming 81st International Geneva Motor Show (1 to 13 March), Japanese manufacturer, Subaru, will be showcasing an exciting new concept vehicle.

Making its world debut will be the Subaru ‘BOXER Sports Car Architecture’ Concept, currently under joint development with the Toyota Motor Corporation. This partnership with the world’s largest car manufacturer has proved hugely successful in bringing the project to fruition in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Based on an all-new platform and highlighting Subaru’s new design direction, the vehicle boasts the brand’s trademark Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine technology – a key component of any Subaru – and will reinterpret the enjoyable, sure-footed driving experience in a rear-wheel drive format.

In addition to the Subaru BOXER Sports Car Architecture Concept, for the first time in Europe, show-goers will also be able to see the new Subaru Impreza Concept in the metal. The first concept to be released under Subaru’s new international brand strategy of ‘Confidence in Motion’, the concept is designed to show the possible design direction for future Impreza models.

Expressing Subaru’s core brand value of ‘enjoyment and peace of mind’, the new Impreza Concept offers a sleek and lean form that exudes dynamism and elegance. It also features a spacious and plush four-seater interior, and promises an engaging yet safe and comfortable ride.

Measuring 4,520mm in length, 1,820mm in width and standing 1,430mm tall, the concept model features a new generation 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine paired with a Lineartronic (CVT) transmission.

The new Subaru Trezia will also be on display. The left-hand-drive-only B-segment vehicle is designed to meet the increasing demand for small, environmentally friendly cars in Europe. The ‘Compact Smart Wagon’ comes in at under four metres and offers remarkable levels of interior space. A 1.3-litre petrol and 1.4-litre diesel (with CO2 emissions of 113 g/km) will be on offer, and although only available in left-hand format, plans to study the development of a right-hand drive version for possible introduction to the UK are currently under review.

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Subaru introduces the Subaru “Boxer Sports Car Architecture” as the world premiere

  • Subaru unveiled the Subaru “Boxer Sports Car Architecture” today at the 81st Geneva International Motor Show.

Behind the new level of driving excitement that the “Rear-Wheel drive (RWD) Sports Car”, which is currently under joint development with Toyota Motor Corporation, delivers is Subaru’s new platform technology concept: the “Boxer Sports Car Architecture”. Built around Subaru’s core technology – the Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine, a new platform was developed in order to extract the maximum performance potential required of the RWD Sports Car.

The RWD Sports Car is a new generation sports car being developed with an ambition of Subaru and Toyota to provide driving pleasure to a wider range of customers. Thanks to its “front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout”, further lowered centre of gravity, compact and lightweight body, it delivers a new level of driving excitement with very unique crisp handling. The car will be the only front-engine, rear-wheel drive mass-produced sports car powered by a horizontally-opposed engine in the world, by making full use of an engineering masterpiece fusing Subaru’s sports car expertise with Boxer engine performance and Toyota’s experiences with rear-wheel drive sports cars. The Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car, as Subaru’s first mass-produced front-engine, rear-wheel drive model, is expected to be produced first in spring 2012.

Features of “Boxer Sports Car Architecture”

Subaru Boxer engine

At the heart of this Technology Exhibit is Subaru Boxer engine. It is its lightweight, compact and low centre of gravity that lends itself to the level of driving excitement that Subaru is aiming for, and is without a doubt the most suitable engine for the RWD Sports Car. The Subaru Boxer engine can be constructed of aluminium owing to its compact and rigid engine design, making for a much lighter power unit. Its low centre of gravity provides a high level of driving stability and remarkable handling. Since the piston’s opposing movements inherently counteract each other, no balance shaft is needed. This cancels out excess vibrations and gives the engine a sprightly, sporty feel at virtually any engine speed.

In the BOXER Sports Car Architecture, Subaru’s Boxer engine, which originally features a low centre of gravity, is even lowered and set back further towards the centre of the chassis. This feature also offers a low-profile sports car silhouette with its lowered engine hood design, resulting in a lowered driving position. All these elements deliver excellent drivability, stability as well as pure handling delight.

Optimised Chassis Layout for the RWD Sports Car

Another important factor that enables the RWD Sports Car to deliver driving performance befitting of a Subaru is its chassis. Rather than simply developing a frame and body that focuses purely on speed, development has been conducted to produce a chassis that delivers Subaru’s authentic driving characteristics: a sporty driving experience, an overall enjoyable ride, and stable drivability with driver confidence. The Boxer Sports Car Architecture does not depend solely on engine power output – instead it maximises the potential of this newly developed chassis to achieve the fundamental characteristics of a rear-wheel drive sports car by delivering sporty performance as driver and vehicle work in unison, as well as providing agile response afforded by its short wheel base.

When compared to other Subaru AWD models, the engine now sits even lower and further back in the engine bay. A lower centre of gravity, now located further toward the middle of the chassis itself, delivers a remarkable, natural feel when cornering. A short front overhang, matched with a shorter rear overhang reduces any yaw moment of inertia generated, and provides a higher level of stability and control, and handling performance of a pure sports car.

The RWD Sports Car’s platform technology adds a completely new package to complement Subaru’s existing AWD platform. This package will open Subaru’s renowned on-road performance to a broader range of customers. At the heart of this drivability lies Subaru’s engineering philosophy that constantly provides enjoyment and peace of mind.

The “Boxer Sports Car Architecture” is a technical masterpiece that has been designed so that drivers can fully enjoy Subaru’s new approach to driving pleasure, with the full knowledge that they are constantly supported with the sense of confidence that only a Subaru can provide.

Major Specifications of “BOXER Sports Car Architecture

  • Body size (Overall: Length x Width x Height): 4,200 x 1,770 x 1,270 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,570 mm
  • Engine: 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated four cylinder Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine
  • Tire size: 215/45R17