Porsche shows love for “The Beast”

Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Porsche has just commenced deliveries of the awesome 911 GT2 RS to its North American customers. There were 20 cars waiting for their owners at the El Toro airfield in California. That’s a combined total of 12,400hp, or around 9,300kW.

They’re some pretty big numbers, which sit well alongside the 80,000 engineering hours and almost 700,000kms of testing undertaken by Porsche during the development of “The Beast”, their most powerful road car to date.

Andreas Preuninger, High Performance Cars manager, was on hand to file this video interview. It’s compelling viewing, too, not because of the driving footage displayed, but more for what he says.

Perhaps there is now only one thing left for Porsche to do with the GT2 RS; release video footage of their claimed 7:18 Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time set by Walter Röhrl.

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In Australia, the delivery of the 7th and last car occured a couple of weeks ago, a black one. This car went to McTodd’s dad’s friend, same man who has the ex Dean Willis McLaren F1 and SL black series amongst his many cars.

i saw a red one with plates ‘nur-718’.
there were 2 releases in the states;
1 at el toro for west coast, and 1 at palm springs for east coast.
almost 55 cars in total.

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