VIDEO: BMW i3 takes up snow dancing

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BMW i3 prototype

Last month BMW officially launched its “i” brand and since then development prototypes of the electric powered i3 and i8 have been seen around the place. After the break you can see the first vdeo of the little i3 in action.

The footage was filmed in Sweden and shows the car pirouetting around the place having a merry old time. All in the name of fine tuning the car’s handling, of course.

There’s a good chance the i3 will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

To enhance handling the lithium-ion battery will be mounted in the centre of the car and the motor it powers should be capable of producing a healthy 110kW (150hp)—about the same as your entry level hatchback. Top speed is expected to be around 150km/h and the range provided should be close the 200km mark. As you can clearly see from this footage the i3 will be powered by the rear wheels.

[Source: Gmotors]