“He was just a cheeky bugger”

Barry Sheene

While any talk of motorsport biopics this year has centred around Ayrton Senna we recently came across another one that promises to be just as good. Simply called Legacy, it tells us the Barry Sheene story. Sheene was a lovable larrikin with talent and charisma to burn, his life was almost made for the silver screen.

You can get a taste of the film by watching the official trailer after the break. Released in 2007 it can now be found on DVD.

An adopted Aussie, Sheene gained entry into our hearts through his motorsport commentary and a series of television commercials for Shell. For old time’s sake, we’ve included one of those for you to enjoy too.

Sadly, the wretched disease cancer ended Barry Sheene’s life far too early. Almost a decade on, it confirms Sheene’s charm and quality that he still brings a smile to the face of those who remember him well.

[via Motorsport Retro]