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AIMS 2011: The stars

AIMS 2011 teaser

Updates from our visit to AIMS last Friday haven’t progressed as well as we had hoped, so to give you a taste of what’s to come here’s a quick teaser of the five cars that stood out the most for us.

1. BMW Vision EfficientDynamics
We’ve covered this car before, when it was first revealed way back in 2009. But seeing it first hand has given us an altogether new appreciation for it. The EffeicientDynamics concept is a genuinely stunning design that we now know previews the forthcoming i8 model. Forget the mechanical aspects of the car for a moment, though, and just appreciate every crease, curve and detail. It’s an astonishingly well made concept and almost makes up for BMW not displaying any other cars. That’s right, no 1M!

AIMS 2011 teaser

2. Audi e-tron
Another model that was first shown what seems like an eternity ago (Frankfurt 2009), but once again seeing the car up close leaves you amazed by the level of fit and finish. The use of materials is spectacular and the craftsmanship to be admired.


AIMS 2011 teaser

3. Mazda Shinari Design Concept
Wow! Is this an Aston Martin or a Mazda? Okay, this concept, too, has taken a while to be seen down under, but it’s been worth the wait. While it doesn’t have the same quality of finish as the German concepts, the Shinari loses nothing in visual appeal. It makes a great statement and if this is the future for Mazda, we’re on board.


AIMS 2011 teaser

4. Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
We expected a lot before the cover came off the Aventador in Melbourne and we didn’t leave disappointed. It’s big, it’s fast and it’s bloody expensive. Thanks to Lambo for letting us touch, feel and even sit behind the wheel of their latest pin-up. A shame they didn’t present the car in a more extroverted colour.


AIMS 2011 teaser

5. Volkswagen Scirocco R
After suffering a torturous wait to see this car on Australian soil it’s almost easy to forget it was on show. The Viper Green paint didn’t do too much for us, either. That said, it’s a car we love here at AUSmotive HQ and seeing it in the metal didn’t disappoint. Indeed, had the Scirocco been available a couple of years ago we dare say there’d be one in the drive. If only VW opened the ‘Rocco’s doors so we could sit inside.

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Agreed Lima…..

Come on VW – open the doors on the Scirocco! Even the Lambo has doors ‘up’….

Better still it would have been nice if they had an RS3 there, yeh I know it will never happen here but nor will 99.99999% of the prototypes that were there either.

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