Horacio Pagani and Huayra suck up the road

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Horacio Pagani in the Huayra

The new Pagani Huayra is all kinds of awesome. This can be judged just by looking at its fantasy-like form and skimming over its spec sheet.

It weighs just 1350kg and is powered by a twin-turbo  6.0 litre V12, which produces a mind numbing 700PS (515kW) and an astonishing 1000Nm of torque.

Little wonder, then, that Zonda owner and Evo journo Harry Metcalfe soon discovered the Huayra sucks up the road like you wouldn’t believe. The induction sound is just staggering.

Metcalfe was given a pax ride with Horacio Pagani himself at a special preview in Sardinia recently. Check out the footage after the break.

[Source: EVOTV]