F56 MINI to spawn 10 individual models

MINI F56 rendering

The third generation MINI (model code F56) will spawn 10 individual models according to Autocar. The bread and butter hatch will kick off proceedings for the versatile UKL1 platform in 2013.

Joining the range, probably in 2014 or 2015, will be the Traveller (model name not confirmed). Known internally as the ‘Spacebox’, it will be a sort of SUV thingy with practicality its main aim. A bit larger than the Clubman and possibly featuring similar barn-style rear doors it will count flexible storage options among its many tricks.

A concept model paving the future path for the Traveller is expected in the not too distant future. We’re not sure if that means Frankfurt, but don’t start holding your breath, just in case.

[Source: Autocar & MotoringFile]

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That Autocar mock-up looks pretty damn good actually (not that the real thing is likely to bear any resemblance)

Looks like they borrowed the front grille idea from the GTR…nothing beats a chrome hood-scoop though, that’s for sure! 😛

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