2016 MINI Clubman revealed

2016 MINI Clubman

Here’s the new F54 MINI Clubman in all of its full mega pixel glory. It will launch in Australia late this year.

We finally see the end of that poxy single-sided rear door that afflicted the first Clubman made under BMW’s stewardship of the MINI brand. The cost of that change has been to make the new Clubman a lot bigger and to give it four proper doors. The barn-style rear doors, which hark back to the days of the Classic Mini, have been kept.

Built on BMW’s versatile UKL1 platform, all of the new Clubman’s key dimensions have increased. Compared with the impossible to love MINI 5 door, the new Clubman is 270mm longer and 90mm wider. Its wheelbase has also been extended by 100mm.

The usual BMW/MINI engine range will be found under the bonnet in Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper D designations. And for the first time in a MINI, the Cooper S and Cooper D Clubman will be available with an optional 8-speed auto.

Pics and press guff await after the break.


MINI 5 door revealed

MINI 5 door

It’s got 72mm more interior length, 61mm more elbow and shoulder room, plus 15mm more headroom and an extra 67 litres of luggage space. Oh yeah, and five doors. It’s the first ever MINI 5 door.

The usual models have been announced for the launch, meaning the new MINI 5 door can be ordered in Cooper, Cooper D, Cooper S and Cooper SD trim.

As well as those interior dimensions listed above, the versatility of BMW’s UKL1 platform is further highlighted in the increase in length of the 5 door compared with the F56 3 door. At 3982mm, the Cooper models are 161mm longer than the 3 door, while the Cooper S models are 4005m in length.

A “MINI” that’s over four metres long, whatever will they think of next?

We expect the MINI 5 door will be on sale in Australia later this year, although there is a chance MINI Australia could hold off for an early 2015 sales launch.

There’s more pics and detail after the break, including a couple of PDF downloads.


Like it or not the four-door MINI is coming

MINI F55 prototype spy shot

Whether out of the chase for higher profits or more simply as a means to remain viable the four-door MINI is coming. No, this is not the oft-complained about, and therefore underrated, Countryman, but a regular four-door based on the new F56 two-door hardtop.

This F55 four-door development mule without camouflage has been spied for the first time by a poster from the Dutch New MINI Club forum. There’s two pics in all showing the new layout and we’ve also included an older shot below from MotoringFile showing the F55 prototype being prepared for evaluation.

It’s expected the F55, which will be around 50mm longer than the F56, will debut  later this year. And after initially being a bit reluctant to accept this model we can see where BMW is going with this approach. After all, we don’t even give a second thought to a Volkswagen Polo with two or four doors, and MINI has every right to compete in that space.

[Source: MotoringFile]


Third-generation MINI revealed

F56 MINI Cooper S

After a very long gestation period MINI has finally revealed its third-generation Cooper and Cooper S models. Also along for the ride is a new Cooper D. The F56 is built on BMW’s UKL1 platform and this is the first model designed and built from the ground up by BMW.

There is a lot of information to take in and let’s first look at the key stats offered in the F56. All three models are turbocharged, but that’s where the similarity ends:

Cooper S
Engine: Four-cylinder 2.0 litre MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbo charging, direct injection, fully variable valve control, variable camshaft control)
Power: 141kW @ 4700–6000rpm
Torque: 280Nm @ 1250–4750rpm; 300Nm with overboost
0–100: 6.8s manual; (6.7s automatic)
Fuel consumption: 5.7–5.8l/100km; (5.2–5.4l/100km)
CO2 emissions: 133–136g/km; (122–125g/km)
Weight (unladen): 1160kg; (1175kg)

Engine: Three-cylinder 1.5 litre MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbo charging, direct injection, fully variable valve control, variable camshaft control)
Power: 100kW @ 4500–6000rpm
Torque: 220Nm @ 1250–4000rpm; 230Nm with overboost
0–100: 7.9s manual; (7.8s automatic)
Fuel consumption: 4.5–4.6l/100km; (4.7–4.8l/100km)
CO2 emissions: 105–107g/km; (109–112g/km)
Weight (unladen): 1085kg; (1115kg)

Cooper D
Engine: Three-cylinder 1.5 litre MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbocharger with variable turbine geometry, common rail direct injection)
Power: 85kW @ 4000rpm
Torque: 270Nm @ 1750rpm
0–100: 9.2s manual; (9.2s automatic)
Weight (unladen): 1160kg; (1175kg)
Fuel consumption: 3.5–3.6l/100km; (3.7–3.8l/100km)
CO2 emissions: 92–95g/km; (98–99g/km)
Weight (unladen): 1135kg; (1150kg)

As you would expect the new model brings with it a host of new technology and driver assistance packages. For the first time in a MINI there will be a head-up display, LED daytime running lights, a selection of switchable Driving Modes (Mid, Sport and Green), dynamic damper control and more.

The look of the new MINI is very much derivative from the R50/R53 and R56 predecessors. Although, the front-end of the F56 is the least visually pleasing we’ve seen to date. From side on and the rear the new MINI, to our eyes at least, looks quite good. It will be best to judge for certain when we see the car on Australian shores, which is expected to be early-ish next year.

A small selection of photos awaits after the break and we’ll be back to add more photos throughout the day. These are complemented by press material from MINI, including a full press kit PDF available for download.

UPDATE: New pics added showing the Cooper and Cooper S. When comparing the front-end of the Cooper to the Cooper S, the lower-spec model works best where the functional brake ducts from the higher-spec model are missing. It’s also interesting to note the designers have managed to fit an iDrive style controller in the centre console.


Next-generation MINI product schedule

2014 MINI Cooper S

The all-new F56 MINI will debut in less than two weeks. We already know the F56, built on BMW’s UKL1 platform, could spawn as many as 10 different product lines. Thanks to MotoringFile here’s a look at what we can expect from MINI’s new era and when we’re likely to see it:

F56 MINI (third-generation hardtop)
Debut: 18 November 2013 // European sales launch: January 2014

F55 MINI five-door (rival to Volkswagen Polo and Golf)
Debut: 3rd quarter 2014 // European sales launch: 3rd quarter 2014

F57 MINI Convertible (underpinned by current R56 convertible)
Debut: 1st quarter 2015 // European sales launch: 2nd quarter 2015

F54 MINI Clubman (likely to have two suicide doors)
Debut: 3rd quarter 2015 // European sales launch: 3rd quarter 2015

F59 MINI Roadster/Coupe (may be combined as single model)
Debut: Late 2016/early 2017 // European sales launch: Early 2017

As a general rule MINI launches products in Australia 3–6 months after they have gone on sale in Europe.

[Source: MotoringFile | Pic: Autocar]


Pre-production MINI F56 models ready to roll

MINI Plant Oxford turns 100

BMW’s third-generation MINI, codenamed F56, is about to enter pre-production phase with ‘kite-flyer’ models set to roll off the Plant Oxford production line this week.

As you might expect, mixing two different generations of MINI on the production line presents a few challenges. Although that trend will continue for around two more years while the second-gen R56 models slowly wither away as up to 10 new F56-based models come on line.

The F56 is due to hit showrooms later this year and to cater for the expected increased demand a second production facility, NedCar in the Netherlands, will ramp up in 2014. NedCar will join Magna Steyr’s Austrian plant, which currently builds the Countryman and Paceman, as the only facilities outside of England to build MINIs.

In time, though, MINI is expected to concentrate production at Oxford and NedCar, with Magna expected to build another BMW branded model(s) once the current-gen Countryman platform reaches the end of its product cycle.

Given the F56 will be share many components with the front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series, including the UKL1 platform, don’t be surprised if that’s what Magna finds to fill the void.

For a detailed discussion on the interior of the F56, which is expected to lose its large centrally-mounted speedo dial, head over to MINI specialist website MotoringFile.

[Source: Autocar]


F56 MINI to spawn 10 individual models

MINI F56 rendering

The third generation MINI (model code F56) will spawn 10 individual models according to Autocar. The bread and butter hatch will kick off proceedings for the versatile UKL1 platform in 2013.

Joining the range, probably in 2014 or 2015, will be the Traveller (model name not confirmed). Known internally as the ‘Spacebox’, it will be a sort of SUV thingy with practicality its main aim. A bit larger than the Clubman and possibly featuring similar barn-style rear doors it will count flexible storage options among its many tricks.

A concept model paving the future path for the Traveller is expected in the not too distant future. We’re not sure if that means Frankfurt, but don’t start holding your breath, just in case.

[Source: Autocar & MotoringFile]