Volkswagen Scirocco R lands in Australia

Volkswagen Scirocco R

If you’re a fan of the Volkswagen Scirocco R then your ship has come in; literally. Volkswagen Australia sent out an email yesterday advising prospective customers that the first officially imported Scirocco R models have arrived and now they’ve posted an image gallery to prove it.

Prices and specs for Australian delivered Scirocco R models were announced by Volkswagen in September. As a quick reminder you’ll need $47,490 for a 6-speed manual and $49,990 if you want a 6-speed DSG. Of course, you’ll also need to add taxes and associated on road costs to those manufacturer’s list prices.

Here at AUSmotive we’ve been big fans of the Scirocco ever since it was first launched in 2008. Indeed, we even suggested you get in touch with VW Aus to see if they could get a wriggle on for the sexy coupé.

Well, it’s taken over three years, but the Scirocco is here and we can’t wait to drive it!

7 replies on “Volkswagen Scirocco R lands in Australia”

It’s a great looking car. Just three years too late. I hope it works out for Volkswagen.

2 years ago this would have been great. Now it suffers in comparison with the Megane RS250 (cue French car haters). The Scirocco has no Brembos, no Recaros, no proper LSD, no perfohub. It does have the DSG, however, and it looks terrific. Also, how long before the new model is out in Europe? The Golf VII is due next year, the Scirocco can’t be far behind. Too little, too late VW Australia.

And so far sold stuff all pre launch…. Where are all these buyers that so desperatly wanted it?!

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