Is the new 991 Porsche 911 any good?

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2012 Porsche 911 (991)

After being revealed back in August the world’s motoring press have now managed to get their lucky hands on the brand new 991 Porsche 911. Here’s a teaser of what they think:

Jim Holder, Autocar: “The seven-speed manual is more of a technical than practical success. Whisper it, but on a fast twisting road the slick shifting PDK is actually more fun.”

Ben Pulman, Car: “Let’s start with the steering, which is now electro-mechanical. The first turn of the (strangely big) wheel will scare you, so light is the steering – it’s there to aid low-speed manoeuvering but feels very odd when the 997 was instantly weighty and direct. If you’ve never driven a 997 you’ll think it’s wonderful; if you’ve been lucky enough to be behind the wheel of a GT3 then it’s instantly obvious that that delectable feel is missing.”

Chris Harris, evo: “The extra front track width, combined with the vast increase in wheelbase gives the 991 a superb chassis. Far less understeer, much more balance and, of course, the inherent traction benefits of being rear-engined remain… it’s a better cruiser, but it’s also a far, far better sports car to drive as-fast-as-you-dare. I didn’t expect that.”

Harvey Rubinovich, evo: “The longer wheelbase and more equitable axle-weight distribution does as advertised and imparts greater stability, so there’s less vertical bounding through turns and better front-end bite out of the corners.”

Jason Barlow, Top Gear: “It takes just three or four corners to realise that, far from being neutered by its changes, the new 911 substantially raises the bar. Yes, the trademark front-end lightness has all but gone now, and as a result that inimitable 911 sensation of being pushed out of a corner as if by a giant hand is wound back too.”

So, generally very positive reviews for the 991, then. But, once the novelty of a shiny new 911 has worn off, will the 911 true believers feel betrayed if the front-end feels like any other sports car?