VIDEO: Subaru BRZ GT300

Subaru BRZ GT300

The Toybaru project has been all about bringing passion and fun back to motoring. Relatively lightweight, rear-wheel drive and at an affordable price. What’s not to like?

We suspect both Subaru and Toyota have deliberately under-engineered these cars to a degree, which will allow aftermarket tuners to tailor cars to specific customer requirements. Naturally, the manufacturers will want on in this aftermarket action, too.

What better way to promote one’s abilities than through the wheel-to-wheel action of high level motorsport. As such, here is Subaru’s first effort at reeling the aftermarket dollars in with this promo clip for the BRZ GT300. As its name suggests it will race in the Japanese Super GT category.

Visually, at least, we think the BRZ has made the transition from road car to racecar with spectacular success. Check out the video after the break and see if you agree.