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Dean Wills private track, Kulnura NSW

Dean Wills, former head honcho of Coca-Cola Amatil. Recognise the name? Well off bloke with his own private “race track” north of Sydney. Ringing any bells yet?

If you’re in Australia, chances are you’ve heard of this mysterious track, home to numerous urban myths. Thankfully for us Wills has put the record straight in an interview with the official Ferrari magazine.

Here’s a grab from the article which cuts through the hyperbole:

‘People are inclined to call it a track, but it’s a private road, a two-way country road,’ says Wills. True, as our photographs reveal. No barriers, no gravel run-off areas, no ripple strips, no garish advertising signs, nothing to suggest Wills’ wonderful road could be construed as a race-track. The road has no crown, flat curbs and regular road signs on each corner. It’s so politically correct that there are even recommended corner speed signs. The strip of blacktop runs through grassy fields, native Australian eucalyptus trees dot the paddocks and the road rises and falls with the undulations of the gentle hills. And, because the road is free of any of the safety measure now mandatory for a track, if you should somehow tire of perfecting the apexes, you can drive it in the other direction for an entirely different learning experience. Motoring heaven.

It’s certainly worth reading the full article (link below). If nothing else it provides a reliable background about the once mythical track.

No doubt Wills worked hard to earn himself the chance to fulfill his own motoring fantasy. We’re guessing many readers will have dreamt of having their own private tarmac ribbon too. Wills has shown it can happen!

[Source: Ferrari Magazine | Thanks to Micky and Dylan for the tips]

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