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Bathurst to be included in Gran Turismo 6

Bathurst to be included with GT6

Thanks to the magic of the internet we can bring word that Australia’s most famous race track, Mount Panorama in Bathurst, appears to be headed for the next evolution of Sony’s Gran Turismo franchise, GT6.

Last week a Bathurst local posting to the GTplanet forums, with the username jjh101, noticed numerous photographers working at the track for a few days. Wearing hi-vis vests and negotiating the track in a variety of vehicles, including a truck with make-shift camera rigs on the back, it appeared something was up. So, going all investigative journo jjh101 strapped a camera phone to his body and went and asked the smiling chaps what they were up to:

jjh101: G’day. Seen you guys here for a few days, wondering if you guys are here for a game or something?
Photographer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… A [?] game… Err… Gran Turismo?
jjh101: Oh, Gran Turismo?
Photographer: Yeah, yeah.
jjh101: Is it an update or… Do you think they’re making GT6 or…?
Photographer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… Gran Turismo 6 [?] Bathurst

So there you have it. The video can be seen after the break, along with another clip from the same guy showing more Polyphony Digital workers on site scanning, measuring and photographing the track.

Oh yeah, Gran Turismo 6 isn’t expected to be released for another couple of years. That’s assuming Sony can manage to meet a release timetable this time.

[Source: GTplanet via Internode | Pics: GTplanet]

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I was there last Friday. There was a chopper up over the track for hours on end.

I am an XBOX Forza guy, if this happens i will buy a PS3 (4) in a heartbeat

A big disappointment they couldn’t get down to Albert Park and include that track in Gran Turismo 6.That was something I was certainly looking forward to, seeing as it would have been set up in track configuration if they arrived there during the Grand Prix weekend, which they possibly could have managed.

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