Reality bites

Scion FR-S

The creation of the Toyota 86 and the mostly identical Subaru BRZ was designed to revive the enthusiast market keen to let rip in a relatively lightweight, back to basics, rear-wheel drive coupé. Given the global interest, and also right here in Australia, it’s fair to say things are going to plan so far.

Part of the car’s rationale was also to keep costs to a minimum. In its purest form the Toybaru won’t be a luxury cruiser, it will be a basic template for owners to build upon and tailor to their exacting needs.

At this point in time local pricing has not been announced, but it’s widely accepted you’re going to need somewhere in the vicinity of $40K to play ball. They might be less, but not significantly so.

In the United States the Toyota 86 is sold as the Scion FR-S and their entry-level pricing has just been announced.


It’s not the first time we’ve whinged about AU$–US$ pricing on AUSmotive, and with our still quite advantageous exchange rate it remains a bitter pill.

[Source: WCF]