Not sure if serious

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Today is April Fool’s day. This video, featuring BMW Group Australian Managing Director, Phil Horton, was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago. However it was brought to our attention today thanks to a tweet from the official @bmwau twitter account.

In the clip Horton delivers a stinging attack on Australia’s Luxury Car Tax. In his message Horton says, “it might surprise you to learn that the brand with most cars falling over the Luxury Car Tax threshold isn’t BMW, or Mercedes, or even Porsche. Actually, it’s Toyota.”

He goes on to add, “As far as I’m concerned the Luxury Car Tax is nothing more than an April Fool’s Day joke. So, that’s what I’d like to call for—the abolition of a misguided and counter-productive and antiquated tax.”

The BMW Group Australia twitter feed goes on to claim that they will be exempt from the LCT.

That’s clearly a gag. Horton’s message, though, is that a case of many a true word is spoken in jest?