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There’s no replacement for displacement

Max Orido's Toyota GT86 V8

The advent of the tuner’s blank canvas that is the Toyota 86 hasn’t taken long to be exploited. In fact, all that’s left of this one is the outer shell, pretty much. Gone is the pissy 147kW 2.0 litre four cylinder boxer engine, replaced by an altogether meatier 311kW 5.0 litre V8 from a Lexus IS-F.

Yep, that’ll void the warranty. And it’s the most extreme Toybaru we’ve seen so far.

Japanese SuperGT driver Max Orido is the man behind this creation and it seems he’s also pretty serious about his drifting. There’s three videos for you after the break. The in-car footage is pretty amazing to see, and best to start at around 5:50 we reckon. If you want more check out the build thread from Tune86 using the link below.


[via Tune86]

Max Orido's Toyota GT86 V8

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Pretty savage driveline shunt evident in those in-board pics. Interesting series of clips though, thanks for posting.

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