Hmm, this BMW X4 doesn’t look too bad

BMW X4 rendering

Back in 2010 rumours of a BMW X4 started to gain momentum. Then, in January this year BMW confirmed those rumours when they announced the X4 will be built at their Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.

However, BMW isn’t rushing into things and we won’t see the X4 until 2014. So we have to make do with renderings for now. We’re not sure if we’re just becoming used to the basic X6 shape—something we have abhorred since it was launched—or if we’re just going a bit barmy, but this X4 rendering almost look okay to us.


[Source: WCF]

3 replies on “Hmm, this BMW X4 doesn’t look too bad”

They can build it all they want, but I ain’t coming to the party! Not with Porsche releasing the Macan at the same time. 🙂

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