Toyota 86 Australian pricing TBA on 4 June

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Toyota 86

Toyota Australia has confirmed via their Facebook page the whispers we’d already heard: pricing and local specifications for the new rear-wheel drive 86 sportscar will be announced at 10am on Monday 4 June.

Although, the cat may already be out of the bag in regards to pricing, with reports a Toyota dealer in Queensland has already been giving quotes to enquiring customers. It’s believed the 86 will be offered in entry-level GT spec as well as a higher GTS specification; the former will reportedly be priced from $39,000, the latter from $43,000. We won’t be surprised if those figures prove to be inaccurate, but we reckon they’ll be around the mark.

Some media outlets are also reporting the 86 has secured enough orders to ensure there’ll be a minimum two month waiting list. Although we note on the Facebook page Toyota’s Nowra dealership is trying to find bites for the two models it has on its books.

Besides, two months is no great strain when you need to wait 6–12 months for a Polo GTI or Golf R.

After the break we’ve got an ad from the US, where the Toybaru is badged as the Scion FR-S. You can be certain we’ll never see an ad like this on Australian TV screens.

[Thanks to Scott for the tip]