Chris Harris, the Toyota GT86 and friends

Toyota GT86 v Nissan 370Z v Porsche Cayman S

Chris Harris is back this week to entertain us with the it car of the moment, the Toyota 86. He’s taken a bit of an armchair critic’s position, in that he’s attempting to answer some of the questions asked by motoring forums the world over.

Questions like, is the Toyota too under powered, or why don’t you spend a bit more and get a 370Z, or even a used Cayman S?

It’s worth noting that, for once, we Australians are not the butt of a pricing joke. In relative terms, it’s an extra AU$5รขโ‚ฌโ€œ7K to pick up a new 86 in the UK. Although, that’s offset by the fact you can buy a decent used Cayman S for under AU$25K.

To be expected, Harris is in his element here and we think he sums up the Toybaru quite well when he states: “we need to get back to a stage where we’re enjoying performance because of its nature, not because of its quantity.”